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Telegram is a free cross-platform messaging program that offers end-to-end encryption. It also includes video calling. It is also preferred by many users in regards to its users privacy. This functionality also makes it secure.
To install and use Telegram desktop in Linux Ubuntu 22.04 using terminal:

First, update the system repositories.
Launch the terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+T and type:
sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt update

Method 1: How to install the latest Telegram on Ubuntu 22.04 using apt.

Type the following in terminal:
sudo apt install telegram-desktop -y

Method 2: Using Snap to install the latest Telegram Desktop App on Ubuntu 22.04.

I assume you’re running on ubuntu 22.04 and you don’t need to install Snap since it’s already installed for ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later and is ready to go.
However, if you had uninstalled it, to re-install it:
sudo snap install snapd -y

Proceed to install telegram using terminal:
sudo snap install telegram-desktop

Method 3: Use the Ubuntu Software program to install Telegram Desktop.

First, launch the Ubuntu Software application.
Next, search for Telegram in Ubuntu Software.
Choose the “search” icon that appears now.

Now, click the “search” icon in the left corner of the opened window and type “telegram” into the search field. After that, the “telegram-desktop” application will appear in the search results:

From the search results, select the appropriate “telegram-desktop” application and click the “Install” button:

It will then prompt you for your password to complete the installation.

This guide has quickly shown various ways to install telegram in ubuntu 22.04. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments

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